The Lipsky Ten

I have spent most of my life near the beach. The picturesque, coastal backdrops of Florida and California have proven to be a safe haven of natural beauty to clear my mind amidst the stress of urban life. Yet in both of these sunshine states, there is also a heavy dose of tourism (think fanny packs and concrete sidewalks) that makes the escape all but fleeting. Beachdaze, a collection of images for the Ten, chooses to embrace the romanticized promise of beach culture embedded deep in our collective subconscious. This series reinterprets iconic scenes of sun & sand in addition to exploring the solemn serenity I find there. The magic of sun-kissed, pseudo-tropical bliss is real and the therapeutic allure of it still holds true from the 60’s until now. Life can be a sunshine daydream as waves wash away the troubles of the day and the sun melts into the sea… even if it is for but a moment. Armed with a vintage Polaroid camera and a new breed of instant film, made by The Impossible Project, I set off to capture the sunny spirit at the water's edge. Beachdaze is a feel-good dose of surreal psychedelic summer nostalgia and my own "Endless Summer”.

Clay Lipsky is an Emmy Award winning graphic designer & fine art photographer based in Los Angeles. He was raised in Clearwater, Florida and then moved steadily westward applying his unique visual style in print, TV & film along the way. His music video work has been featured on MTV and shown to international acclaim throughout film festivals in Europe and Asia. Within the last couple of years, Clay has experienced a renewed interest with the photographic medium. He is now focused on pursuing photography as fine art, free from clients and limitless in creative possibilities. Clay is self-taught and enjoys exploring a variety of photographic styles, yet his aim is always to create classic works that can stand the test of time. His photos have been exhibited internationally in various group shows, including those at the acclaimed Annenberg Space for Photography, Pink Art Fair Seoul, MOPLA and Impossible Project NYC. Additionally, Clay's work has been published in print and online through Fraction, Square, F-Stop, f-eleven books, Shutterbug and Shots Magazines.

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